The Best and Biggest Amusement Parks in Poland for Children and Adults

Biggest Amusement Parks in Poland for Children and Adults

Amusement parks are star players in tourism. They are places of entertainment where visitors encounter wonderful hedonic experiences and are therefore characterized as true pioneers of the experience economy. And that is why it is also a very fast-growing sector of Polish tourism. Energylandia with the fastest megacoaster in Europe, Łeba Park with 100 dinosaurs, … Read more

These are the Most Beautiful Caribbean Islands

Most Beautiful Caribbean Islands

The islands are calling. Beauty beckons. The white-sand beaches, stunning in their own right, are just a fraction of this wonderful area. The more than 7,000 islands and islets in the Caribbean Sea are blessed with towering mountains, lush rainforests, brilliant blue waters, and near-perfect weather. It’s no surprise that the approximately 100 inhabited islands … Read more

Where To Go on Holiday in Hungary: the 8 Most Beautiful Places that you absolutely must visit

Where To Go on Holiday in Hungary

Romantic architecture, postcard scenery, and numerous thermal baths are just some of the things that make Hungary a very attractive destination. Its unique identity has been shaped by a diverse range of influences, from Ottoman invaders to Italian Renaissance designers, meaning there is a lot to see in the country. The main protagonist of the … Read more

TOP 9: The Most Beautiful and Warmest Austrian Lakes

Most Beautiful and Warmest Austrian Lakes

Austria is a country of mountains. However, it is also a country of lakes. In addition to skiing and mountaineering, every year this alpine country delights many holiday guests with its beautiful lakes. A whole spectrum of them awaits you all over the country. A total of 25,000 lakes invite you to a relaxing and … Read more

TOP 10 Best Hotels In Poland for Children (baby-friendly accommodation) + tips on what to do with children in Poland

Best Hotels In Poland for Children

A zoo with kangaroos and camels? Are animators available 365 days a year? A large sandpit or “mud kitchen” in the hotel building? Is the beach or ski slope within walking distance of the hotel? Such and many other attractions can be found in selected hotels in Poland, which compete for the most family-friendly hotel. … Read more

TOP 10: The Best Thermal Baths in Austria

Best Thermal Baths in Austria

The exclusive charm of Austria is not only reflected in the snowy Alpine peaks and the delicate Viennese melange. It is not only known for its castles and Swarovski crystals but also for being the birthplace of legendary musicians such as Mozart and Beethoven. It is also famous for its spa culture, and when you … Read more

Curiosities about India: interesting and lesser-known things

Curiosities about India

India is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. Apart from its many religions and sects, India is home to countless castes and tribes, as well as many language groups from several unrelated language families. Discover interesting facts and curiosities about India. About India India’s oldest known civilization emerged about 5,000 years … Read more