TOP 9: The Most Beautiful and Warmest Austrian Lakes

Austria is a country of mountains. However, it is also a country of lakes. In addition to skiing and mountaineering, every year this alpine country delights many holiday guests with its beautiful lakes.

A whole spectrum of them awaits you all over the country. A total of 25,000 lakes invite you to a relaxing and active vacation. From ice-cold mountain lakes in fantastic nature to idyllic swimming lakes with Caribbean water temperatures,

Today, we will try to give you a little inspiration for your next vacation. In Austria. And these are the most beautiful Austrian lakes.

1: Hallst├Ątter See

­čôîLocation: Hallstatt 4830, Austria

Hallst├Ątter See

Thanks to its idyllic location at the foot of the Dachstein, Lake Hallstatt is truly worth a visit. In addition, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In many places, the shore is very steep and therefore not suitable for swimming, but it is possible to swim and dive on the shallow shores. Boating is also permitted on the dark blue waters of the lake ÔÇô take a cruise on one of the typical Salzkammergut fishing boats.

Thanks to its perfect location, fjord character and dark, deep blue water, it is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria. Its absolute highlight is the small town of Hallstatt, which attracts up to a million tourists from all over the world every year and is one of the most beautiful locations in Austria.

Lake in a cube:

  • Area: 8.55 km┬▓
  • Water temperature in summer: 19-22┬░C
  • Swimming with dogs: allowed on designated beaches for dogs
  • Some banks are very steep
  • Find available accommodation

2: Lake Wolfgangsee

­čôîLocation: 5360 St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut, Austria

Lake Wolfgangsee

In the middle of a heavenly Alpine idyll, Lake Wolfgangsee is one of the most famous and warmest lakes in Austria and one of the biggest attractions in Upper Austria. Here you can simply enjoy peace – just the way you want. Even your four-legged friend can enjoy the refreshing water at the designated dog beaches. Lake Wolfgang, with a temperature of around 24┬░C and the best water quality, attracts water lovers for swimming, sailing, surfing, or stand-up paddling.

The visibility depth in the lake is up to ten meters, which makes it a paradise for divers. Divers are enthusiastic. about the places around Franzenschanze and Falkensteinwand. The latter is also an ideal place if you are looking for excitement. Adrenaline lovers use the 28-meter-high cliff to jump into the lake.

If you would like to take a trip to the Salzkammergut mountains, it is worth taking the Schafbergbahn to the Schafberg. The lake is a great destination for romantic relaxation even in winter.

Lake in a cube:

  • Area: 13 km┬▓
  • Location: Salzburg/Upper Austria
  • Water temperature in summer: 20-24┬░C
  • Many different activities are possible here
  • Swimming with dogs: allowed on designated beaches for dogs

3: Zeller See

­čôîLocation: 5700 Zell am See, Austria

Zeller See lake in Salzburg with crystal clear water

Fun in the water also awaits you in the Zeller See lake in Salzburg with crystal clear water and a very pleasant water temperature – up to 23-24 degrees in the summer. The three beaches around the lake invite you to it. The trend of stand-up paddling is already a “clich├ę”, but you should try yoga on a board.

During the boat ride on the lake, you will get a perfect panoramic view of the mountains and nature. Or would you like to complete a contrasting program – off the lake? Then go summer sledding on the Maisiflitzer Bahn or hike through the beautiful countryside with llamas and alpacas. The fens surrounding the lake provide a habitat for many rare and endangered species of animals and plants.

Lake in a cube:

  • Area: length 4.7 km, width 1 km
  • Location: Salzkammergut near Salzburg
  • Water temperature in summer: 23-24 ┬░C
  • Depth: 32 m at the deepest point
  • Water quality: very good

4: Lake Mondsee

­čôîLocation: Salzkammergut, Upper Austria

Lake Mondsee

Mondsee, located in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut, is a lake with history and at the same time one of the warmest lakes in Austria.

Between the towns of Schafberg, Drachenwand and Mondseeberg lies a body of water that owes its name to the Mondsee Neolithic culture. From this time, several millennia before Christ, the remains of mound dwellings were discovered here, which became part of the UNESCO world heritage.

The lake is characterized by water that has the quality of drinking water and in the summer heats up to 26┬░C. There are many sandy and grassy beaches on the shores of the lake, and among others there are beautiful places for swimming in Schwarzindien, Plomberg and Loibichl.

Lake in a cube:

  • Area: 14.2 km┬▓
  • Location: Salzkammergut
  • Water temperature in summer: 20-26┬░C
  • Swimming with dogs: allowed on designated beaches for dogs
  • Very suitable for swimming

5: Faaker See

­čôîLocation: Faak am See, Austria

Faaker See

South of Lake W├Ârthersee and Lake Ossiach is the smaller Lake Faak. A surface wave rising from west to east divides the lake into two basins and forms the island of Faaker See. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for quiet relaxation by the water or the next adventure: the region around Lake Faak has the right offers for all eventualities.

Popular activities around the idyllic lake include kayaking through the reed belt, downhill on the “Kopein Trail” mountain bike trail, visiting the Kanzianiberg climbing area, hiking the “Alpe-Adria-Trail” or Stand-up-Paddel-Yoga.

The peculiarity of the lake is its color; the water shimmers in the most turquoise blue. The reason is the fine particles of lime that wash into the lake from Vorounitza and reflect the light turquoise blue. Lake Faak is the most southerly swimming lake in Austria and heats up to 27┬░C in summer. There is a beach with a nostalgic bathhouse on a small island in the lake.

A popular excursion spot near Lake Faaker See is Burgarena Finkenstein. At the farmer’s market in Faak am See, you can taste delicacies from Carinthia, Slovenia and Italy every Thursday from May to September.

Lake in a cube:

  • Area: 2.2 km┬▓
  • Place: Carinthia
  • Water temperature in summer: 20-27┬░C
  • It reaches its maximum depth in the northern basin ÔÇô 29.5 m
  • The lake and island are owned by the Catasta and Bucher families

6: Lake Traunsee

­čôîLocation: Gmunden, Upper Austria

Lake Traunsee

Traunsee, located in the municipality of Gmunden, is the fourth largest lake in Austria. With a depth of 191 meters, it is the deepest lake in the country. It offers a perfect base for many water sports, be it diving, sailing, surfing. Or, how about taking a retro boat trip on the “Gisela” paddle steamer? The average water temperature of 19 degrees is suitable for swimming for hardy people.

The largest freely accessible swimming pool is the Br├Ąuwiese in Traunkirchen, other swimming pools with unbuilt shores can be found in the Rindbach district of Ebensee and the T├Âpfertwiese in Altm├╝nster. If the water temperature is too cold for you, you can take a dip in the heated swimming pool – either in Gmunden or in the Altm├╝nster Solar Bath.

Lake in a cube:

  • Area: 24.5 km┬▓
  • Place: Gmunden
  • Water temperature in summer: 18-20┬░C
  • Swimming with dogs: allowed on designated beaches for dogs

7: Klopeiner See

­čôîLocation: 9122, South Carinthia, Austria

Klopeiner See

We literally “warmly” recommend Lake Klopein in southern Carinthia. Because it is not only the warmest lake in Austria, but also in all of Europe. With a water temperature of 28┬░C, swimming is fun for the whole family, not least because of the many hours of sunshine. With around 12 public beaches around the lake, you’re sure to find your favorite spot.

Or you can book accommodation right by the lake and use its private beach area. The beautiful water beckons for surfing, rowing, sailing and, above all, diving. The quality of the water here is obvious: the view of the water is beautifully clear and offers a clear view of the impressive underwater world.

Around the lake, there are a total of 180 kilometers of hiking trails through a magical landscape and excellent cycling and mountain biking routes. On the 18-hole golf course, you can enjoy the view of the Steiner Alps in addition to playing sports.

Lake in a cube:

  • Area: 45.6 km┬▓
  • Location: South Carinthia
  • Water temperature in summer: 24-28┬░C
  • Swimming with dogs: not allowed

8: Achensee

­čôîLocation: Jenbach, Schwaz, Tyrol, Austria

Lake Achensee

Lake Achensee, formed by glaciers 20,000 years ago, is surrounded by alpine pastures and green meadows and lies picturesquely between the Karwendel, Rofan and Brandenberg Alps. Beaches with crystal clear water are the dream of everyone looking for relaxation and peace.

The almost Mediterranean atmosphere that the mountain lake exudes and the excellent conditions for water sports have earned it the nickname ” Tyrolean Sea “. The water temperature around 20┬░C is a guarantee of great refreshment during warm summer days.

Excellent water quality is one of the many advantages of the lake. Those who like to travel actively can take advantage of stable wind conditions and switch off for kiting, surfing or sailing. Divers enjoy the underwater world with visibility of up to 10 meters. The south bank is ideal for families, because the water here is shallow and you can also rent water bikes. Dog owners can let their furry friends run wild on the fenced dog beach between Eben and Pertisau.

Lake in a cube:

  • Area: 6.8 km┬▓
  • Location: Tyrol, Austria
  • Water temperature in summer: 18-20┬░C
  • Swimming with dogs: on a reserved dog beach

9: Attersee

­čôîLocation: Salzkammergutberge, Northern Austria

Not far from the Wolfgangsee is the Attersee, Austria’s largest body of water. With a water temperature of around 25 ┬░C and several public coves and beaches, you are in the right place for perfect relaxation by the water.

Wolfgangsee is the Attersee

There are countless great hiking and cycling trails in the area. Art lovers can follow in the footsteps of important artists on the Artists’ Trail, who were inspired by the breathtaking landscape.

If you would like to get the little ones excited for a hike, the route to the Nixenfall waterfall is certainly enough motivation. The way to the waterfall, which according to legend is the home of a mermaid, just flies by thanks to numerous experience stations. And if you’ve ever dreamed of camping right by the lake, you’ll surely find the perfect one for you among the many campsites.

Lake in a cube:

  • Area: 45.9 km┬▓
  • Location: Northern Austria
  • Water temperature in summer: 20-25┬░C
  • Swimming with dogs: on a reserved dog beach

Just for completenessÔÇŽ 10 warmest Austrian lakes and their summer values

Climatologists say that as a result of climate change, the temperature of the lakes will rise by two degrees. In 2050, Lake W├Ârthersee is expected to have an average temperature of 24 degrees, and water temperatures above 25 degrees will no longer be unusual. However, the warmest Austrian lakes are currently as warm as this:

Lake Water temperature in summer

  1. Klopeiner See 28┬░C
  2. Faaker See 27┬░C
  3. Mondsee 26┬░C
  4. Attersee 25┬░C
  5. Zeller See 24┬░C
  6. Wolfgangsee 24┬░C
  7. Neusiedlersee 23┬░C
  8. W├Ârthersee 23┬░C
  9. Ossiachersee 23┬░C
  10. Hallst├Ątter See 22┬░C

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