The Best and Biggest Amusement Parks in Poland for Children and Adults

Amusement parks are star players in tourism. They are places of entertainment where visitors encounter wonderful hedonic experiences and are therefore characterized as true pioneers of the experience economy. And that is why it is also a very fast-growing sector of Polish tourism.

Energylandia with the fastest megacoaster in Europe, Łeba Park with 100 dinosaurs, Miniature Park with the most valuable monuments in a smaller version, or Majaland Kownaty with fairy tale attraction zones—we present you the best amusement parks in Poland.

1: Energylandia

📌Address: al. 3 Maja 2, 32-640 Zator, Poland

This park, with its 123 attractions spread over 70 hectares, is suitable for all age groups. among the largest amusement parks in Poland. It is visited by thousands of visitors every year in search of world-class entertainment.

The smallest guests can have fun on several carousels, trains, and other attractions. In the Viking Village, a family area, you will learn about the life of the Vikings and experience a trip on a Viking ship. Take a trip down a crazy river in Jungle Adventure, ride the Dragon and Boomerang trains or take part in an interactive monster attack.

Relax in the Swiss Village, where you will learn all about Swiss traditions and taste Swiss cuisine. The extreme zone offers rides for the brave, whether it’s the Mayan Formula 1 train or the Water Train.

In the park, during hot summer days, you can also refresh yourself in the water park, which is part of the complex. If you want to spend the night as close to a theme park as possible, Western Camp Resort is designed to look like a classic Western village from the American West. The camp offers an unforgettable stay in comfortable cabins with air conditioning, original Indian teepees, and cowboy wagons.

2: Legend

📌Address: aleja Atrakcji 1, 41-501 Chorzów, Poland

This amusement park is the oldest in Poland. It is located on the border between Chorzów and Katowice in the Silesian Park. More than 40 attractions, including children’s, family, and extreme attractions, are spread over 26 acres in a stunning green landscape next to a climatic lake.

Famous and popular attractions include the Ferris wheel ( Legendia Flower ), large airplanes ( Dream Flight Airlines ), and teacups. Or consider the breathtaking Lech Coaster, named the best coaster in 2017 in the prestigious industry competition for Europe’s best roller coaster.

3: Zatorland Amusement Park

📌Address: Parkowa 7, 32-640 Zator, Poland

Zatorland Park is located 3 km from the largest amusement park in Poland, Energylandia. 60 attractions are concentrated on 20 hectares of greenery. The park is divided into four zones – Mythology Park, Insect Park, Dinosaur Park, and Funfair.

Park of animatronic dinosaurs – over 100 statues of gigantic prehistoric dinosaurs (the most impressive moving dinosaur measures 35 meters and would reach up to the fifth floor). The dinosaurs are life-sized, most of them move, make sounds, and interact with visitors.

The mythological park is dedicated to Greek mythology; visitors can see the most important characters and creatures from Greek myths. This part of the park includes three rope parks for children.

Insect park – a variety of insects on a scale similar to the human body—allows children to learn about the structure and functioning of insects.

Other attractions of the park include a water tram, slides, trampolines, minecarts, merry-go-rounds, a 5D cinema, simulators, a Ferris wheel, Viennese and chain carousels, or the crazy Drop’n Twist tower.

4: Rabkoland

📌Address: Rynek, 34-700 Rabka-Zdrój, Poland

It is one of the amusement parks in Poland near the border – it is located approx. 40 km from Trstena – and is a good alternative for a one-day family trip.

The park guarantees great fun for the whole family. It is a typical amusement park with carousels, a house of laughter, a palace of dreads and many other attractions. In addition, there is the Museum of the Order of the Smile, the Path of Moving Figures and the Upside Down House. On weekends, as well as every day during the holidays, there are various performances for the little ones, including magic shows.

Most of the attractions can be enjoyed by parents with children, and there are no extreme rides for adults only. Since the distances between the attractions are short, little legs will not get tired. Parents will find plenty of places to relax here, from benches to cafes, from where they can watch older children play on their own.

The pride of Rabkoland is the design of the park, which was inspired by its surroundings: the beauty of nature and local culture. Rabkoland is rich in vegetation and flowers. Local artists, carvers and carpenters based their professions on mountain traditions and created decorations, themes and wooden attractions.

Ticket price: from 59 PLN (approx. 16 euros), children under 90 cm are admitted for free – buy a ticket online

5: Inwałd Park – 5 Thematic Parks

📌Address: Wadowicka 169, 34-120 Inwałd, Poland

One of the huge Polish entertainment complexes. It’s not just one amusement park, it’s several parks in one. One day for a visit will not be enough for you.

In the park you will find Miniature Park, Dinolandia, Inwald Fortress, Pope John Paul II Park and Kucyk Mini Zoo. In the entire complex, you will find common attractions such as merry-go-rounds, slides, caterpillar tracks, but also attractions such as an ice rink, a labyrinth, a 5D cinema, or an Egyptian horror show.

The attractions are educational and interactive; visitors learn a lot about history that they can experience firsthand.

Ticket price: tickets are bought for each section separately and start at PLN 54.90 (approx. 13 euros) – buy a ticket online

6: Łeba Park

📌Address: Kolonijna 24, 84-360 Nowęcin, Poland

The park was built in a picturesque environment on an area of ​​20 ha. The visit is an extraordinary, fantastic adventure of a journey into the past, back to the Cretaceous period. In Łeba, in the Dinosaur Park, you can meet three-dimensional reptiles in life size.

It is a route full of adventures and attractions, unforgettable views and experiences that will remain forever in the memory of the little man. A fantastic educational adventure for the little ones and great fun for big fans of the biggest reptiles in history.

However, the park also offers other attractions, including a 7D cinema, playgrounds, a haunted castle, a magic mirror labyrinth, and Flintstones vehicles. You can also learn about ancient crafts, whether weaving or pottery.

7: Majaland Kownaty

📌Address: Kownaty 17, 66-235 Kownaty, Poland

It is a new amusement park, opened in 2018 and was created primarily for families with children. It is part of Holiday Kownaty Park . This modern park offers visitors a wide range of attractions, including carousels, slides, discos, climbing walls and a smaller roller coaster. It is divided into three “fairy tale” themed zones, connected by different characters: Maya the Bee, Vik the Viking and Heidi – the heroine of a Swiss novel.

Attractions include the wooden Werewolf roller coaster, Viking roller coaster, Jet Fly, water playground, merry-go-rounds, boats, slides, splash battle and falling tower.

New attractions opened last year include Wickieland and Super Wings. And don’t forget to pack clothes for the kids to change into (there’s a water playground and fountains).

Majaland is also counted among indoor amusement parks in Poland, as some of its attractions are indoors. Thanks to this, it can be open all year round.

Unfortunately, there are no accommodation options in the immediate vicinity. The nearest accommodation can be found in the village of Torzym, which is about 8 km from the amusement park.

8: JuraPark Krasiejów

📌Address: 1 Maja 10, 46-040 Krasiejów, Poland

It is a year-round park, open even in winter, and its main attractions include Dinosaur Park, Evolution Park (indoor museum), Lunapark, Time Tunnel, Prehistoric Oceanarium, Paleontology Pavilion and authentic excavations.

The JuraPark promenade is 1,500 m long. You will find 200 reconstructions of dinosaurs, reptiles and amphibians in life size (the largest park of its kind in Europe). Along the trail there are many boards with photos of the characteristic plant environment of the era of dinosaurs. There are also photos from well-known paleolocations – places where dinosaur remains or their tracks have been discovered.

Other attractions include a pool with balls, a Monkey Grove, a children’s train, inflatables, trampolines, merry-go-rounds, Euro bungee, and a mini coaster.

There are no accommodation options nearby.

9: Dream Park Ochaby

📌Address: Hodowlana 2, 43-430 Ochaby Wielkie, Poland

Dream Park Ochaby is an entertainment and recreation complex that was opened in August 2011. It is the first amusement park of its kind in Poland, which combines two parks in one place – Miniature Park and Dinosaur Park. In the Park of Miniatures, visitors take a tour of five continents and see the most interesting buildings – those that everyone knows (for example, the Sphinx, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben) and those that are less known (Mount Rushmore, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Einstein’s Tower).

In the Dinosaur Park, there are more than 20 prehistoric creatures that also move and make sounds. One of the most interesting attractions is the first Prehistoric Oceanarium in Europe, which allows visitors to get to know the ancient world of underwater creatures. In addition, there are many other attractions such as a 6D cinema, a corn maze, a children’s playground with swings, bouncers, slides and trampolines, or a rope park.

There are no accommodation options nearby. You can find accommodation in Bielsko Biala, which is 30 km away.

10: Mini Euroland

📌Address: Noworudzka 11, 57-300 Kłodzko, Poland

The Minieuroland miniature park in Klodzko is a popular tourist attraction. The recreational complex, built with great care, quickly became one of the ten best tourist attractions in the Klodz Valley. The total area of ​​the park is two hectares.

In Minieuroland you can admire more than 40 models of the most important buildings from Lower Silesia, Kladsk, Europe, and the world. All this is located in a beautiful garden, rich in thousands of unique species of trees and shrubs. The miniatures are presented in a scale of 1:25, preserving the smallest details. However, you can also see models with a different scale.

All this in order to make them look as attractive as possible for visitors. Such exceptions are: Kladsk Fortress and Trevi Fountain. The Kladsk Fortress was made on a scale of 1:50, so guests can see this huge defensive structure from a bird’s eye view. In the case of the Trevi Fountain, a scale of 1:8 was used so that everyone could see even the smallest details without straining the eyes.

Anyone who thinks that seniors are not attracted to it is mistaken. On the contrary. Kilometers of alleys, lush vegetation in the arboretum and plenty of benches make it an ideal place for older people to relax.

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