Poland, “The best European destination” — Warsaw

Second World War, the Nazis almost destroyed Warsaw

In the prestigious competition of the European Best Destination portal, the capital of Poland beat Greek Athens and won with a record result The prestigious rating “The best European destination” of 2023 was headed by Warsaw. The capital of Poland received more than 142,000 votes (the previous record holder of the competition was the Portuguese … Read more

Roksolana, Cleopatra, Nefertiti and others: the designer showed what famous personalities would look like if they lived in our time


We used to form an idea about the appearance of people who lived many years ago by looking at their portraits. Graphic designer Becca Saladin (www.instagram.com/royalty_now_/) decided to combine her profession with her hobby and show what famous personalities of the past would look like if they lived in our time. To do this, she … Read more

The most luxurious trains in the world, which will turn a difficult trip into an exciting journey (31 photos)

most luxurious trains in the world

Even though the train is not the fastest mode of transport, the luxurious interior of the carriages and the picturesque scenery outside the window can turn a trip on it into an unforgettable and exciting adventure of your life. These photos will help to understand why more and more tourists choose this type of transport … Read more

How far is it from Rome-Fiumicino International Airport to the center of the capital?

Where is Rome-Fiumicino airport located? What is the distance from the airport to the center of Rome? The means of transportation from Rome-Fiumicino International Airport to the center will be explained in detail by Mytour shortly. How far is it from Rome-Fiumicino International Airport to the center of the capital? Location of Rome-Fiumicino International Airport … Read more

List of 20+ most attractive ecotourism destinations near Saigon

Ecotourism area near Saigon, an ideal choice for families every weekend. There is a green, peaceful space with interesting entertainment activities. For those of you in Saigon, who want to explore beautiful destinations without having to go far. This is a list of eco-tourism areas near Saigon that cannot be missed. Located close to the … Read more

The best beach destinations 2024: top countries where you can swim in the sea right now

best beach destinations

In winter, you also want to go to the sea. Fortunately, this is not a problem because, in some countries, it is a great time for the beach season. MyTravelingClub has selected the 5 best destinations for January–February 2024. However, it should be remembered that a dangerous strain of coronavirus, Omicron, is currently spreading around … Read more