Diving and snorkeling in Egypt: TOP Resorts, Places and Hotels

Egypt is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful diving areas in the world and offers ideal conditions for an unforgettable diving expedition. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a vacation in a hotel or an Egyptian safari—fascinating coral reefs, an impressive array of colorful underwater life, bizarre rock formations, and numerous wrecks—it’s all just waiting for you.

The Red Sea is as rich in beauty, marine life, and biodiversity as Egypt itself, with its pyramids, desert, and ancient history. These North African waters are full of marine life and coral, most of which have remained untouched and clean. The technical and sometimes challenging wreck dives in the Red Sea are some of the best in the world, with endless highlights, unusual twists, and unique artifacts.

Discover the fascinating underwater world of Egypt, experience breathtaking dives in the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea, and let yourself be enchanted by its beauty. Today we will tell you where you can find the best diving and snorkeling in Egypt, what makes it so special, and when to go there.

Perutyn underwater world of Egypt

Why dive in Egypt?

The Red Sea stretches between Africa and Asia and is home to more than 1,100 species of fish, 200 species of hard and soft corals, and 44 species of sharks. Here you will see live nudibranchs, tropical fish, and huge pelagic species such as whale and hammerhead sharks.

The location in a bay with a length of 2,200 km and a depth of up to 2,000 m is one of the reasons for the enormous wealth of the sea because the deep water is full of food for its inhabitants! The low amount of precipitation and the high rate of evaporation make the waters of the Red Sea one of the saltiest seas in the world, which creates a fantastic visibility of up to 40 meters!

Moreover, Egypt’s Red Sea is not just any diving destination; it is one of the “seven underwater wonders of the world.“. CEDAM International (Conservation, Education, Diving, Awareness, and Marine Research) selected seven underwater wonders in 1989 based on their beauty, marine life, environmental importance, and scientific research, and Egypt became one of them.

Options for everyone—beginners and experienced

The Red Sea offers diving opportunities for all levels! From vertical walls and coral gardens to drift diving and wrecks,.

Whether you are a seasoned diver with years of experience or a novice diving into the “deep blue” for the first time, the Red Sea has a lot to offer. Calm, warm waters make it an ideal place for both beginners and experienced divers.

Diving in murky waters can be frustrating, but you’ll also enjoy fantastic visibility in Egypt’s Red Sea. Crystal-clear waters provide unobstructed views of stunning coral formations and marine life, making every dive a visual feast for your senses.


Diving in the Red Sea is like entering a living encyclopedia of marine life. It is home to an amazing variety of creatures, and what is even more fascinating is that nearly 20% of the marine species found here are endemic, meaning they are not found anywhere else in the world.

You will have the opportunity to meet beautifully colored fish, fascinating corals, and mysterious creatures that you will not find anywhere else on the planet. The diversity of life here is a true testament to the wonders of nature.

Amazing wrecks

If exploring shipwrecks is your passion, then the Red Sea is the place for you. Wrecks such as the Thistlegorm, the Rosalie Moller, the wrecks at Abu Nuhas, and the SS Dunraven represent not only historical value but also a mysteriously beautiful backdrop for underwater adventures. These sunken time capsules offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in history and discover the stories behind them.

Wreck of a ship under the ship

When should I go diving in Egypt?

That’s an easy question! Egypt is a year-round destination! You may often encounter the problem that many holiday destinations have a monsoon or trade wind season or low sea temperatures that make swimming or snorkeling impossible. This will not happen in Egypt!

The conditions for snorkeling and diving in Egypt are more than perfect wherever you go. The water temperature can reach 29-30 °C in the summer months (July-August). The sea is coldest in December and January (20-21 °C) – during this period a 3 mm neoprene can be useful for your comfort.

However, the best times for diving and snorkeling in Egypt are the late spring – early summer and autumn months. At these times, the water is pleasantly warm, but the air temperatures are not too high. If you would also like to take historical excursions and visit the pyramids, it is best to go in winter or spring.

So plan your vacation between May and the end of June or from mid-September to November. During this period, the air temperature is 30-35 °C and the sea temperature is 26-28 °C, ideal conditions for diving! The summer months of July and August are really only suitable for enthusiastic heat lovers – the air temperature can reach 40-44 °C.

The best diving sites in Egypt

The Red Sea is a collection of many underwater wonders. You can return to this area again and again and still find new and exciting dive sites. Whether you’re looking for vibrant, shallow reefs or adventurous wreck diving, here’s a selection of the best dive sites in Egypt.

1: Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is considered by many to be the best diving location in Egypt and has probably contributed more to the European diving business than any other resort in the world. It is located at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

Sharm El Sheikh

The deep Gulf of Aqaba, the shallow Gulf of Suez, and the Red Sea itself all come together at Shark and Yolanda Reef, the most famous and most dived hotspot in Ras Mohamed National Park.

Sharm offers an excellent mix of easy to challenging dives, suitable both for initial training and for fast drifts along the island reefs in the Strait of Tiran. Although shore diving is available, most diving activities are organized by boat to explore the best of the reefs and one of the world’s most famous shipwrecks, the SS Thistlegorm.

After the decline in tourism in 2024, the reefs have recovered, large schools of fish have returned to the area, and pelagic species such as whale sharks and manta rays are regularly seen.

The best hotel for snorkeling and diving in Sharm El-Sheikh


📌Address: Marine sports club, st, Sharm Al Shiekh, South Sinai Governorate 46619, Egypt

If the best hotel for snorkeling in Egypt is this one. The elegant ultra-inclusive Reef Oasis Blue Bay is a 5-star resort that has a unique location on the reef and its jetty is a great starting point for snorkeling. Reef Oasis Dive Club will allow you to get to know the world-famous coral reefs of the Red Sea.


It is a PADI 5* CDC diving center that organizes diving courses, daily diving, and snorkeling trips by boat to various diving sites of the Ras Mohamed National Park and the Strait of Tiran. It has direct access to 2 beautiful house reefs, Far Garden and The Temple, located in front of the diving club.

2: Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is a diving site that has grown in popularity since the opening of the international airport in 2003, but is still relatively underdeveloped compared to the scale of Hurghada and Sharm.

Marsa Abu Dabab is a special attraction that became famous for its population of dugongs. It is one of the few places in the Red Sea where these animals can be seen during diving excursions. You can also take day trips to Elphinstone from here to spot sharks, including hammerheads, which are often schooled around the northern plateau.

Marsa Alam is a diving site

Port Ghalib, about 60 km to the north, is the departure point for many vessels heading deep into the southern Red Sea. Expect to encounter dolphins, manatees, and plenty of giant tortoises along the way to the dive sites by boat.

The best hotel for snorkeling and diving in Marsa Alam


📌Address: Al Qusair – Marsa Allam Road, km 97, Marsa Alam, Red Sea Governorate 84721, Egypt

The Nubian Resort has direct access to Abu Dabbab Beach, home to a pristine coral reef. Swim, snorkel, or dive in the crystal clear waters and discover incredible marine life.


The PADI 5* IDC “Blue Ocean” Dive Center provides access to more than 35 of the most desirable Red Sea diving and snorkeling sites while significantly contributing to promoting awareness of environmental issues around the Red Sea.

Divers of all levels will enjoy a unique diving experience on the beautiful home reef, trips to the Dolphin House, and diving from speedboats.

Blue Ocean works with multilingual and international instructors who provide professional courses for beginners to experts, while strictly ensuring that care for the environment is promoted.

Blue Ocean works in close cooperation with the internationally recognized non-governmental organization HEPCA (Environmental Protection and Conservation Association). This cooperation helps protect local marine life and monitor the movements, abundance and distribution of the turtle community in the Red Sea.

3: Hurghada

Hurghada is the largest resort on the Red Sea and the Mecca of diving. Home to many reefs tucked into shallow sheltered bays, it’s a great spot for entry-level diving. Challenging sites for more advanced divers include the impressive wrecks at El Gouna and Sha’ab Abu Nuhas.

Hurghada largest resort on the Red Sea

Hurghada is the main departure point for vessels heading to the southern Red Sea. A day trip to Giftun Island promises amazing hard and soft corals, dramatic falls, and interesting caves for experienced divers. You will also see massive Napoleon wrasse and shoals of pelagic fish such as barracuda and tuna.

Day trips are available on the SS Thiistlegorm, as are trips to the much deeper Rosalie Moller, which, unlike the Thistlegorm, is rarely visited from Sharm.

The best hotel for snorkeling and diving in Hurghada

Desert Rose Resort *

📌Address: Desert Rose Resort, Village Road, Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate 1962201, Egypt

The five-star Desert Rose Resort Hotel in the center of Hurghada offers a huge stretch of private beach. With a wide range of services and comfortable accommodations, this classic hotel is a good choice for families, groups, and couples.

Red Sea Life Diving Center 5* PADI Dive Center offers a wide range of diving and snorkeling trips from the house reef, shore dives from local bays accessible by minibus, full-day boat trips, and special trips suitable for all experience levels. The equipment includes a large shop and reception, areas for washing and storing equipment, toilets, and a classroom.

Desert Rose Resort Hotel in Hurghada

For non-divers, there are a range of snorkelling trips to quiet sheltered bays and special trips to places such as Abu Ramada Reef and the Giftun Islands. Orange Bay is one of the best snorkeling spots in Egypt ever. The bay is located in a beautiful lagoon in the popular national park on the island of Big Giftun.

If you are someone who likes peace, then you will enjoy a wonderful day on a sandy beach with crystal clear water. In addition, you will see a stunning bay that is inhabited by impressive marine life and coral reefs. The water is shallow, with a maximum depth of 5 m, so it is an ideal place for families with children.

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