The Surprising Reason Women Live Longer Than Men

Women live longer than men. That is not a saying but a well-accepted fact. If you look at the world data, then in most countries, you’d find the same. But the question is why does this happen? There are several reasons.

Women Live Longer Than Men

First reason: Men on average lead a far worse lifestyle. Mostly, smoking is more common, and doing less exercise. But apart from lifestyle, There are some biological reasons too. Male bodies produce more testosterone and on the other hand, women’s bodies produce more estrogen hormone. Scientists have found that estrogen has its own antioxidant properties, which reduce the chances of DNA damage.

Women experience less physical pain and are less likely to develop chronic diseases.

  1. Women are more likely to take care of their health by exercising, eating a balanced diet, and getting adequate sleep.
  2. Women are more likely to seek medical attention for minor health concerns than men.
  3. Women are more likely to receive preventive care, such as screenings for cancer and heart disease than men.
  4. Women are more likely to receive treatment for cancer and other diseases.
  5. Women are more likely to survive major accidents and trauma.
  6. Women are more likely to receive financial and emotional support after a major accident or trauma.

Another thing is that due to more testosterone production, Men are more prone to prostate cancer because the testosterone hormone stimulates the prostate gland. Also, when man becomes fat, they store their fat around their organs.

For example, men have bigger bellies when they become fat. But when women become fat, the fat distribution in their bodies is more consistent. The fat is stored under their skin.

This type of fat is called subcutaneous fat. If fat is stored around organs, it’s called visceral fat. Scientists have found that storing fat around organs is more unhealthy.

It increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is why you hear in the news that a young 30 to 40-year-old man died of a heart attack. But you might have rarely heard that a 30-40-year-old woman died of a heart attack.

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