The Crazy Reason Why People Talk In Their Sleep

Some people talk in their sleep, it’s known as sleep talking.
But what causes it? Actually, Sleep can be divided into 4 stages. The first 3 stages are NREM sleep Mean nonrapid eye movement sleep.

People Talk In Their Sleep

Stages of sleep

Stage 1: Awake/Light sleep
Stage 2: Moderate sleep
Stage 3: Deep sleep

After that stage 4 REM sleep in which you have dreams and your eyes move rapidly. This is why it is known as rapid eye movement sleep. YOu spend about 4 to 7 hours a night in NREM sleep and 1.5 to 2 Hours of REM sleep. At any stage or during REM sleep and sleep-taking are possible.

Normally, when you dream your brain deactivates your motor neurons so that your limbs do not move while you dream. For this, powerful Neuro-Transmitters are released. But if there’s a failure in releasing the Neuro-Transmitters, your body makes some movements. Such as moving the lips, and vocal cords, which causes you to talk while sleeping.

Generally, sleep-talking has been linked to high levels of stress and anxiety, and alcohol, caffeine, and a lot of screen time right before going to bed increase the chances of sleep-talking.

Finally, sleep talk can provide a window into people’s personalities and how they process information.

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