Facts about The tallest living animal on Earth

All of us know that Giraffes are the tallest living animal. But do you know that they need to sleep for only 30 minutes a day? At a stretch, they don’t sleep for more than 5 minutes. They can sleep while standing. While feeding a Giraffe you can easily notice the color of the tongue. The tongue is a Bliish-black color.

The reason for that is the same as that of human skin color. To protect it from ultraviolet rays, There’s high melanin in darker skin color. Since the tongue is exposed to sunlight for long stretches of time that’s why it’s dark in color.

The Tallest Living Animal

like every person has a unique fingerprint, similarly, every giraffe has a unique pattern. Interestingly, when a calf is born, the height of the newborn calf is 6 feet tall. More than the average height of an adult human.

Giraffes are one of the few animals that sleep for only one hour a day. They are able to go for long periods of time without sleeping, but they usually sleep for a few minutes at a time. Giraffes are able to sleep for so little because they need to stay alert and watch for danger.

Force of a giraffe’s kick

Giraffes are some of the strongest animals on the planet. They can kick with a force of up to 180 kilograms! That’s enough power to break bones or knock over a whole herd of cattle. Giraffes use their powerful kicks to chase down prey, defend themselves against predators, and even communicate with one another.

Force of a giraffe neck

Giraffes have some of the strongest necks in the animal kingdom. Their necks are made up of long, flexible neck muscles that can support the weight of their bodies. Giraffes use their necks to feed, drink, and reach high up on trees to get food. Their necks are also used to move around and survey their surroundings. They also use their long necks to hit each other while they are fighting.

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